French Verb Être – Passé Composé vs Imparfait

The passé composé form of the verb être is mostly used for the passive voice. The passive voice is the form of a verb in which the subject undergoes the action of the verb. The passé composé is used to indicate an event, a change, or what happened. You can say j’ai été when somethingContinue reading “French Verb Être – Passé Composé vs Imparfait”

Is there a present perfect tense in French?

The verb tense called the present perfect in English doesn’t exist in French. How is this be possible? We use the present perfect tense all the time in English. How do the French get along without it? Examples of the present perfect in English: She has lived here for three years. We have (already) beenContinue reading “Is there a present perfect tense in French?”

French Cinema / Movies Vocabulary List – Le Cinéma

French Cinema / Movies Vocabulary Le Cinéma Quizlet: Practice and Master This Vocabulary List une salle de cinéma a movie theater le cinéma cinema, movies, a movie theater un siège a seat une place a place un billet de cinéma a movie ticket un guichet a ticket booth se faire un ciné go to theContinue reading “French Cinema / Movies Vocabulary List – Le Cinéma”

Faire, Donner, Rendre, Obliger, Construire, Fabriquer

French Verbs That Can Translate to MAKE in English FAIRE – RENDRE – DONNER FABRIQUER – OBLIGER – CONSTRUIRE FAIREje faistu faisil faitnous faisonsvous faitesils font To make something in a very general sense. Je fais le dîner.I’m making dinner. To have (make) someone do something. Il me fait faire la vaisselle.He’s making me doContinue reading “Faire, Donner, Rendre, Obliger, Construire, Fabriquer”

French Bakery Vocabulary List – La Boulangerie Pâtisserie

French Bakery Vocabulary La Boulangerie Pâtisserie Quizlet: Practice and Master This Vocabulary List le pain bread une pâtisserie a pastry, a pastry shop  la crème cream la pâte dough feuilleté(e) flaky la farine flour faire réchauffer to reheat doré(e) golden croustillant(e) crunchy le beurre butter une tarte aux fruits a fruit pie / tart unContinue reading “French Bakery Vocabulary List – La Boulangerie Pâtisserie”

When to Make Agreement in the Passé Composé

When to Make Agreement in the Passé Composé French verbs are conjugated in the passé composé either with avoir or être as their auxiliary verbs. When using être as an auxiliary verb, past participles need to agree with their subjects in number and gender. When using avoir as an auxiliary verb, you usually don’t need toContinue reading “When to Make Agreement in the Passé Composé”

French Culture Quiz

Quiz About France France Vocabulary List How much do you know about France and French culture? Have fun testing your knowledge en français with a free quiz . The questions aren’t easy, so be ready for a challenge! Fifty questions are included, covering the following themes: la vie quotidienne – le cinéma – la modeContinue reading “French Culture Quiz”

French Vocabulary List About France

French Vocabulary – La France Quizlet: Practice and Master This Vocabulary List la liberté liberty l’égalité equality la fraternité fraternity le 14 juillet July 14th la Marseillaise French national anthem le tricolore the French flag les droits de l’homme human rights La Marianne symbol of the French republic le coq gaulois the Gallic rooster l’hexagoneContinue reading “French Vocabulary List About France”

French Vocabulary List – Meeting People – Faire des Rencontres

French Vocabulary List – Meeting People – Faire des Rencontres Quizlet: Practice and Master This Vocabulary List une rencontre an encounter, a meeting rencontrer to meet se retrouver to meet up se donner rendez-vous to set a meet up date une soirée an evening party une fête a party introverti(e) introvert discuter to chat êtreContinue reading “French Vocabulary List – Meeting People – Faire des Rencontres”